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Extrait de l'Acte Constitutif de "LA FEDERATION MAÇONNIQUE HAITIENNE", Organisation à but non Lucratif, définit par la Loi sur les organisations à but non lucratif des Etats-Unis, Alinea (a) (5), Section 102.

The Federation's primary goal is the gathering of brethren within the framework of Universal Masonry. The Federation by legalization of the solemn principles of Universal Masonry admits in its sessions individuals of any sex and of any race, excluding neither crippled, neither blinds, neither dumps, nor deaf-mute, working under the aegis of fraternal laws. We only ask of those who request admission into our institution to possess the intellectual knowledge necessary to understand the Masonic teaching. Any human being has limits and must undergo or accept the rigour of all human laws; but this does not make him or her prisoner of his/her upbringing and of educational prejudices. He or she learns to balance the active and the passive, learns to differentiate between right and wrong and learns to direct his/her action. Guided by the Master he/she must always be equipped with the chisel and the gavel in carrying out his/her action for the benefit of human kind.

The dignity of work which is carried out, the fraternal character of the discussions which arise, the tolerant generosity of feelings which are expressed, even the air that one breathes must always, at all time, in all circumstances, be predisposed for meditation, to open the way with latent wisdom. The Corporation, therefore, solicits the disinterested corporation and precious collaboration of every member in order to make its mission fruitful.

With the foregoing in mind the Corporation shall foster the study and understanding of Masonic teachings. In addition, it shall also foster, promote, and encourage spiritual and material development of its members; provide, operate and maintain facilities for meetings and gatherings of persons interested in the purposes of the corporation; and organize, hold and sponsor meetings, seminars, programs, and other activities relating to the foregoing purposes.

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